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3D Hologram LED Display

3D  ħ ö 克LED显示

3D全息LED显示屏 提供出色的视觉体验,极大地吸引了潜在客户的注意力。由于其具有创意的设计,出色的广告效果,具有竞争力的价格优势,3D风扇LED显示屏 已在全球范围内广泛用作新的广告媒体。YUCHIP 作为中国专业的LED显示屏制造商  ,很高兴引导您发现有关LED显示屏3D全息图的更多信息 


2,FSP  风扇LED显示屏的独特优势和基本知识 

3,3D LED全息显示 具有这样的广阔 的应用p  

4,FSP 风扇LED显示屏,使用寿命长,安全可靠 

5,F1-50最受欢迎 3D风扇LED显示屏(革命性广告媒体)

6,YUCHIP 全息LED显示屏是您的最佳选择 

7 什么小号ð 。差分切口白内障手术挽3D  风扇LED显示 阿第二LCD  显示 

8.  如何获得LED显示屏风扇


什么是 3D全息LED显示屏


3D ħ olog 帧LED显示 也被称为3D风扇LED显示器,其电风扇性能 和3D视频和图像内容源。

1.1 3D全息LED显示如何工作

它是一种  LED显示器  ,可适应更高的视觉冲击要求。 创作3D全息图LED显示器 是基于视觉的POV%uFF08Persistence)技术,瓦特母鸡的对象是在快速运动时,人眼可以继续保留的0.1〜0.4秒的图像的图像消失后。通过控制的光的顺序和时间 的LED光束在旋转的风扇叶片和微- 控制器编程, 3D效果 被创建。  

 1.2 组合物的 3D风扇LED显示 

所述3D范  LED显示器  由一个的中号AIN ë ngine。




    ˚F emale LED条

1.3 全息LED显示屏 生产过程的 视频演示以及组装您自己的风扇LED显示屏的几个步骤

连接电源转换器具[R 到主板







3D风扇LED显示屏 成功吸引了客户的注意力。首先,LED视频显示  它不' 吨有传统的LED箱体,本身携带方便,简单和透明的外观是好看。其次,LED墙的3D内容独特地实现了主动视觉刺激,其显示图像似乎漂浮在空中。

2.1 3D全息图LED显示屏 支持什么格式的文件

全息图  LED显示屏支持视频和图像格式,例如MP4,AVI,RMVB,MPEG  和JPG。 


第一个选项是通过Web控件进行的;第二种选择是通过YUCHIP自行开发的应用程序。可在IOS和Android系统中下载App FSP,并 通过Hotpot连接手机和 LED全息图


2.3 3D全息LED显示屏 可以在不同设备上播放相同视频



2.4如果LED全息图显示器 可以连接几块作为一个屏幕

3D全息图显示 可以作为一个单元工作,也可以通过级联将很少的部分形成一个屏幕。其工作原理与大型LED显示器相同

2. 5  如何 多少秒视频可以全息LED显示屏播放 

现有版本的全息3D LED显示器 可以播放每个视频' 的第一s- 15秒。一个在15秒内新的视频将在15秒后跳到下一个视频

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Transparent LED Display Being Aging Test 300sqm In YUCHIP

Transparent LED display, launched 5 years ago, squeezing in the LED display market but never recognized in the main market. One thing is because its technology and stability tested step by step, the other thing is its high cost not workable for giant screen.

Until 2017, transparent LED display market boomed.

In 2016 and 2017, few more Chinese companies launched transparent LED displayscreen. Its technology improved and cost dropped down, for instance Side LED mount changed to Front LED mount, not only Nation star, King Light LEDs being used more, and mass production lowered raw materials sourcing and manufactured cost.

Transparent LED wall, not limited to fixed installation commercial advertising LED display filed, it's creative for events rental use as well. Die casting aluminum cabinet, fast assemble and dismantling features made out in transparent glass display.

In 2018 and coming years, glass LED display will shine much much more. Not only indoor, waterproof LED display glass is in research and being tested.

YUCHIP, a leading China LED display solution provider, focusing and dedicated to provide you the suitable one!

Any interest and hunting for transparent LED screen? Email or Phone up now:    ;


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Rental LED display future direction

Rental led display products and the main screen color screen and type Categories trends?

Specifications standardization trend: the use of easy to install, easy to calculate the area (such as 500mm * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm) structure, is currently the rental market irreversible development trend is expected to construction of such product in 2013 to reach 70% market share.

Rental led increasingly high-definition display: Use LED main screen color screen and the main trend is towards the development of high-precision on the market today. Adjustable brightness requirements, unified control system requirements for use and controls are in place.

Enhanced versatility: a multi-screen, but when the main screen, color screen and floor tile screen using a development direction, namely, strengthening universal product features after the market for such products is the main development trend.

Quick installation, safety; to achieve rapid product of fast, accurate installation; assembly further includes a self-locking mechanism, eliminate misuse problems.

led video wall rental requires easy maintenance and removal replacement alone: ​​with power and signal work status self-test feature that displays the power and signal work in real-time status of each product, the product does not occur when the display screen, can quickly determine the problem, quickly make the appropriate maintenance measures;

led screen rentals light weight, thin box: single box 9 kg weight; (YUCHIP P4.8 die-box weight 7kg; P4.8 an air box can hold six cabinet) Maximum thickness is only 7cm, about occupation? small space, saving stage space.

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The differences between indoor LED Screen and outdoor LED screens

LED display has been widely used in various industries, along with the development of market economy, the application of LED display billboard will continue to expand. LED display screen has a robust real-time dynamic data display and graphical display function, and LED display is destined to become the first choice of large screen information display applications due to its characteristics of long life, low power consumption, high brightness. SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO.,LTD manufacturers would explain you the differences between outdoor and indoor LED display.


1.The most important distinction between indoor and outdoor LED display is the difference of brightness, indoor screen brightness is several times even several ten times lower than the brightness of pure outdoor screen; the indoor screen placed outdoor is like the TV placed outdoor that brightness is not enough. Therefore, the outdoor screen must put to use ultra-high brightness LEDs, also in order to improve the brightness and increase the visual range, there need to package several brightness LEDs in one pixel.


2.Outdoor screen have functions of waterproof, anti sunlight, dust-proof, anti high temperature, wind, anti lightning, etc, and this kind of display is pure outdoor display; between indoor LED screen and pure outdoor LED screen is semi outdoor screen that installed in the eaves, open hall, outdoor canopy or beneath sunlight roof and such strong environment, utilizing the same ultra high brightness outdoor LEDs, but screen itself do not prevent (rain) water, wind, lightning.


3.In addition to the differences of brightness and protection levels between indoor and outdoor LED displays, the pixel pitch is not the same,indoor screen pixel pitch need to be close but outdoor screen pixel pitch has low requirements relatively; the frame structure is not the same, indoor screen is not waterproof, but outdoor screen is waterproof.


4.Outdoor LED display screen is mainly used in ultra high brightness and grand full-color large screen projects. outdoor LED display signs screen mainly adopts modular structure design and VLSI design technology, ultra grayg scale control technology that improve stability, reliability and play effect of the display system.


5.Indoor full color LED display, three and a table full-color screen spectrophotometric color is better, color saturation is high and the whole faces shining, so the color is uniform.


6.Three and a table is separated from the power supply, power consumption is low and fast heat dissipation, which extend the service life effectively ,and high reliability.


For the user of LED screens, how to distinguish the two models? SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO.,LTD manufacturers teach you several simple points that can distinguish between indoor and outdoor display led. observe the appearance, basically, the larger screen is outdoor model; intensive light point intensive, high brightness is the same.

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YUCHIP Stage led display introduction

With the continuously improving of LED display technology, LED display is more and more used to the stage application, almost all the stages can not be separated from the LED screens. The LED display screen has been more and more widely used to high-grade entertainment disco, large-scale song and dance show, fashion conference, and other places, because of its characteristics of huge and abundant performance contents, active stage atmosphere, convenient dismounting, etc. 

YUCHIP Stage LED display wall features as below:

(1)Live broadcast, large and clear live pictures, breaking the limitation of the seats, more it easier to watch shows in far distance.

(2)The combination of lifelike pics and shocking musics, create a dreamlike stage background.

(3)High refresh rate and high intensity, make the screen pics more realistic;

(4)High quality aviation connector, make good continuity of connection, high frequency plug in and out resistance.

(5)Ultra high precision box: 65mm, die-casting aluminum box made by CNC techniques, and tolerance of dimension less than 0.2mm. Ensure seamless splicing between cabinets.

(6)Equipped with professional audio and video processor system, support various signals on the stage;

(7)Outdoor stage type with good waterproof effect, protection grade IP65, suitable for outdoor environment;

(8)According to customer requirements and the sites environment, customize the most appropriate LED display solutions;


(Can be used to the stage LED screen: IR6.0 IR3.0... OR OR6.0 8 etc


Stage LED display control system diagram:


Stage LED display equipment, video processor, flight case, frame, distribution box, LED ads editing system, intelligent monitor)


Stage background LED display rental applications:


Indoor and outdoor stage background, concert, large-scale activities, large-scale opera, theatre, hotel, auditorium, multi-function hall, lecture hall, conference room, high-grade entertainment venue, disco, disco, karaoke rooms, etc.

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Fixed indoor LED display - Dual maintenance is the best choice

It is well known that the LED display maintenance cost is relatively high, and the technical requirements of maintenance is relatively high, complex installation and dismantling will consume a lot of manpower and time, which have no longer the advantage in the market competition.

YUCHIP LED display products utilizing magnetic components and LED display screen magnetic adsorption to be fixed together, front maintenance and take down module from the LED display cabinet, which is more simple and convenient compared with the existing technology to remove the screws from the module structure. Reduce damage to the module furthest, ensure the integrity of the module structure.

front maintenance LED display can save the space of back maintenance, achieve positive maintenance to screen body, also the display cabinet can be done thinly, which is very applicable for some special places LED display.

YUCIP Dual maintenance LED display series products realize the front maintenance in real sense, which is very convenient to replace the maintenance module, without removing the bottom shell.

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Outdoor commercial LED display bring new business growth

With the rapid development of Internet technology, every industry makes transformation in order to adapt to the new technology development.

Outdoor LED display screen meet characteristics of high resolution, high refresh rate, high intensity, high contrast, white balance, large angle, uniformity, high quality energy saving, etc. Outdoor advertising and outdoor LED display are integrated with the Internet is pursued by all the media companies, for now is the era of Mobile-Internet, LED screen is not only spread to the audience, there has been some advertisers want the audience to experience their own products by LED advertising screen, doing two-way interaction, if this function can be achieved after a period of time? This is a direction that media company may pursue in the future, provide more sophisticated services, let audience feel more powerful propaganda effect.

If outdoor media can provide some data services in the future? outdoor advertising displays are mostly in central business district or crowded places in one city, so it can take advantages of geography to collect some data, such as the flow of people and vehicles, which is also a value-added function.

All in all, in the outdoor media, LED screen with its own potential and characteristics play its usability vividly, also brought media company new business growth point, enrich advertising platform. With the progress of the technology in the future, perhaps led display will have more forms of expression in outdoor media, advertising forms will become more various, which is a good thing for not only the media company but also audience. Next, let we together look forward to the better performance of LED display wall in the outdoor media!

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p4 p5 p6 Taxi Led Display

p4 p5 p6 Taxi Led Display Features:

1) Double Face Advertising

2) Hight definition

3) U-disk/3G Control

4) 12V/24V car battery load



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Hot sale outdoor 3g/wifi wireless taxi top advertising sign from Shenzhen YUCHIP

Hot sale outdoor 3g/wifi wireless taxi top advertising sign from Shenzhen YUCHIP

LED taxi roof sign, double-sided, could reach more people as possible. 

Easy for installation, we could provide a special structure for intallation if you like. 

With High brightness, make the display content visible even under sunshine during daytime.

IP65 waterproof design, total outdoor use application.

Large viewing angle , full color, high color uniformity and clear image, bring you a vivid audio visual effect.

With CE, EMC, ISO, ROHS, SO14001, ISO9001 certificates.


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How better maintenance outdoor led display

1, to avoid possible problems encountered, we can choose a passive protection and active protection, might try to put the big screen outdoor led curtain damage items away from the screen, but also wipe clean the screen when gently as possible, the damage minimize the possibility of.


2, outdoor led display relationships with our customers most closely do the cleaning and maintenance work is also very necessary. Prolonged exposure to the outdoor environment wind, sun, dust and so easy to show the dirt, some time down the dust on the screen is certainly one, which requires timely cleaning surfaces to prevent dust affect long wrapped viewing.


3, requires a stable power supply and ground protection is good, do not use in the harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning storm.

4, the screen body is prohibited water, iron and other metal objects that conduct electricity easily. Outdoor led display as placed in the low-dust environment, the dust will have a large impact on the display, while excessive dust will cause damage to the circuit. If the water due to various reasons, please power off immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the body of the display screen board dry before use.


5, outdoor led display switching sequence:

A: Turn on the control computer so that it can run properly after the open outdoor led display.


B: Turn off outdoor led display led unit board, and then shut down the computer.

6, the proposed outdoor led display manufacturer  for longer than two hours a day of rest, in the rainy season led display outdoor use at least once a week or more. Typically at least a month to open the screen once, lit more than two hours.

7, outdoor led display requiring regular inspection is working properly, the line for damage, if not the work must be promptly replaced, the line is damaged to be repaired or replaced.

8. Do not be in a long while playing all-white, all red, all green, all blue light so the whole picture, so as to avoid excessive current, power line fever is too large, LED light damage, affecting the life of the display. Do not disassemble, stitching Screen!


9, outdoor led display Control computers and other related equipment, should be placed in air-conditioning, dust in the room, to ensure that the computer ventilation and stability.

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Five Steps to correctly handle the led display black screen failure

In the LED display control system is running, we are likely to encounter LED display "black" failure. Such LED failure may be caused by many reasons! May be energized on a "black" phenomenon, it may be a "black" in the system during loading or black failure occurs after loaded. The LED display "black" phenomenon, usually due to improper operation or caused by environmental factors. In such LED display "black" phenomenon, we can refer to the following methods to determine and solve the "black screen" Fault!

The first method, confirmation LED electronic components and control systems are all the right power. Not reversed, then the wrong phenomenon.

Second, diagnosis, confirmation outdoor  LED display control card is connected to the main distribution board is closely connected HUB or inserted upside phenomenon;

Third, diagnose and confirm the connection control cable card and led unit HUB allocated between the plates do not loose or inserted upside phenomenon.

Fourth, check that the serial cable is used to connect the controller no loose or missing. Typically during loading black, it may be the cause of the cause.

Fifth, when your LED display interface definitions provided HUB board does not match, but also by a black screen phenomenon possible. To ensure the LED black failure does not occur, we recommend using the led screen interface definition to match HUB distribution panels.

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Wireless LED Screen system solutions

As a new carrier popular with the majority of owners of information release and target audience are welcome, along with the continuous development of the LED display on the LED display features people have higher requirements and different demands, LED display manufacturers to meet the market demand painstaking research and development of a wireless, full-color LED display system, the wireless full color systems for domestic initiative, successfully applied in the field of buses and has many success stories (Shijiazhuang, Kunming, etc.). Wireless LED full color display information release system architecture uses B / S, C / S mode, the main business including client software, DTUServer service software, data center, terminal equipment in four parts. The main function from a programming, approval, database services program automatically generates playlists day by next DTUServer packet sent to the corresponding terminal equipment, and control card within the effective period of the LED display loop, also includes customer contract maintenance functions.

First, the system features:

The system uses standard client / server network architecture model, service centers centralize all data storage and server systems to facilitate routine maintenance, and provide convenient and simple parameter configuration functions for fast installation and deployment of server systems for different network environments. Client software anywhere there is Internet access in place to connect the center, data transmission management and other operations, even if the center of an address change, configuration capabilities through the client service parameters can be easily connected to the new center address.

A large-scale network

Content traditional LED display data sent from the computer via serial cable, the number of restrictions on the size of the display received. Wireless LED Car screen sent via GPRS / CDMA wireless network information, using a common TCP / IP network transport protocols, network terminal unlimited number can be up to tens of thousands;

2, the system user rights

The system uses the corresponding user permissions set screen mode, fully meet the requirements of the corresponding screen groups the user belongs to send messages to different users, without disturbing each other, relatively independent, managed by the system administrator agreed to allocate. Users from all ministries headquarters unified distribution center administrator login ID, screen easily assign group selection method provided by the system administrator to each user corresponding to all LED screen, send and manage their own individual screen belongs.

3, real-time publish information system using wireless data transmission part UDP packet transmission subcontractors, LED display can be made at any time to receive information center information, send a message without any limitation of time and space;

4, real-time online monitoring equipment

All terminals are maintained on-line, through the relay service program communication link, the user via WEB interface can be easily implemented in real-time monitoring of all wireless terminal device screen set properly work online and in real-time refresh network registration time, automatic calculation Offline long time, provide an effective basis for system managers to evaluate the work of the state apparatus.

5, without distance limitations

As long as local wireless GPRS / CDMA network coverage, wireless LED display can be used, not limited by distance and location; wireless data transmission system in sub-section using UDP packet transmission, the advantage that the data transmission speed, efficiency High packet loss rate. Roughly divided into specific process: first, from the center of each group by ten packets packing, label each package will play, the next crew received a set of packages will record labels have been dropping, the center received the next crew return label only retransmitted packets have been lost again. So sequentially sends the entire data is completed, the data transmission security faster.

6, third-party data in real time forwarding

Center services software can automatically grab third-party software database files too, will need to send the information in real time automatically according to pre-set format sent to the need for the better players in the LED display, and perform in accordance with pre-set period of time play.

7, easy installation and maintenance

Since no laying fiber optic cable or communications cable, so the installation location of the wireless LED display is easy to select. Product modular design, ease of maintenance and repair.

Second, the use of industry products

Wireless full-color LED display system has a vast market and use, and can be widely used in government, business, transportation, hotels, restaurants, travel, sports, transportation and other industries and sectors, for public service advertising, business information, the Chief announced community information, traffic tips, weather information, policies and regulations, travel information, consumer guides, publishing and dynamic display of information. Currently on the market to use wireless LED Screen  more than a single color playback poor play text-based, and full-color LED display system can play back movies and videos, full-color display to achieve the desired propagation effects, so your information value.

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