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Wireless LED Screen system solutions

As a new carrier popular with the majority of owners of information release and target audience are welcome, along with the continuous development of the LED display on the LED display features people have higher requirements and different demands, LED display manufacturers to meet the market demand painstaking research and development of a wireless, full-color LED display system, the wireless full color systems for domestic initiative, successfully applied in the field of buses and has many success stories (Shijiazhuang, Kunming, etc.). Wireless LED full color display information release system architecture uses B / S, C / S mode, the main business including client software, DTUServer service software, data center, terminal equipment in four parts. The main function from a programming, approval, database services program automatically generates playlists day by next DTUServer packet sent to the corresponding terminal equipment, and control card within the effective period of the LED display loop, also includes customer contract maintenance functions.

First, the system features:

The system uses standard client / server network architecture model, service centers centralize all data storage and server systems to facilitate routine maintenance, and provide convenient and simple parameter configuration functions for fast installation and deployment of server systems for different network environments. Client software anywhere there is Internet access in place to connect the center, data transmission management and other operations, even if the center of an address change, configuration capabilities through the client service parameters can be easily connected to the new center address.

A large-scale network

Content traditional LED display data sent from the computer via serial cable, the number of restrictions on the size of the display received. Wireless LED Car screen sent via GPRS / CDMA wireless network information, using a common TCP / IP network transport protocols, network terminal unlimited number can be up to tens of thousands;

2, the system user rights

The system uses the corresponding user permissions set screen mode, fully meet the requirements of the corresponding screen groups the user belongs to send messages to different users, without disturbing each other, relatively independent, managed by the system administrator agreed to allocate. Users from all ministries headquarters unified distribution center administrator login ID, screen easily assign group selection method provided by the system administrator to each user corresponding to all LED screen, send and manage their own individual screen belongs.

3, real-time publish information system using wireless data transmission part UDP packet transmission subcontractors, LED display can be made at any time to receive information center information, send a message without any limitation of time and space;

4, real-time online monitoring equipment

All terminals are maintained on-line, through the relay service program communication link, the user via WEB interface can be easily implemented in real-time monitoring of all wireless terminal device screen set properly work online and in real-time refresh network registration time, automatic calculation Offline long time, provide an effective basis for system managers to evaluate the work of the state apparatus.

5, without distance limitations

As long as local wireless GPRS / CDMA network coverage, wireless LED display can be used, not limited by distance and location; wireless data transmission system in sub-section using UDP packet transmission, the advantage that the data transmission speed, efficiency High packet loss rate. Roughly divided into specific process: first, from the center of each group by ten packets packing, label each package will play, the next crew received a set of packages will record labels have been dropping, the center received the next crew return label only retransmitted packets have been lost again. So sequentially sends the entire data is completed, the data transmission security faster.

6, third-party data in real time forwarding

Center services software can automatically grab third-party software database files too, will need to send the information in real time automatically according to pre-set format sent to the need for the better players in the LED display, and perform in accordance with pre-set period of time play.

7, easy installation and maintenance

Since no laying fiber optic cable or communications cable, so the installation location of the wireless LED display is easy to select. Product modular design, ease of maintenance and repair.

Second, the use of industry products

Wireless full-color LED display system has a vast market and use, and can be widely used in government, business, transportation, hotels, restaurants, travel, sports, transportation and other industries and sectors, for public service advertising, business information, the Chief announced community information, traffic tips, weather information, policies and regulations, travel information, consumer guides, publishing and dynamic display of information. Currently on the market to use wireless LED Screen  more than a single color playback poor play text-based, and full-color LED display system can play back movies and videos, full-color display to achieve the desired propagation effects, so your information value.

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