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How better maintenance outdoor led display

1, to avoid possible problems encountered, we can choose a passive protection and active protection, might try to put the big screen outdoor led curtain damage items away from the screen, but also wipe clean the screen when gently as possible, the damage minimize the possibility of.


2, outdoor led display relationships with our customers most closely do the cleaning and maintenance work is also very necessary. Prolonged exposure to the outdoor environment wind, sun, dust and so easy to show the dirt, some time down the dust on the screen is certainly one, which requires timely cleaning surfaces to prevent dust affect long wrapped viewing.


3, requires a stable power supply and ground protection is good, do not use in the harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning storm.

4, the screen body is prohibited water, iron and other metal objects that conduct electricity easily. Outdoor led display as placed in the low-dust environment, the dust will have a large impact on the display, while excessive dust will cause damage to the circuit. If the water due to various reasons, please power off immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the body of the display screen board dry before use.


5, outdoor led display switching sequence:

A: Turn on the control computer so that it can run properly after the open outdoor led display.


B: Turn off outdoor led display led unit board, and then shut down the computer.

6, the proposed outdoor led display manufacturer  for longer than two hours a day of rest, in the rainy season led display outdoor use at least once a week or more. Typically at least a month to open the screen once, lit more than two hours.

7, outdoor led display requiring regular inspection is working properly, the line for damage, if not the work must be promptly replaced, the line is damaged to be repaired or replaced.

8. Do not be in a long while playing all-white, all red, all green, all blue light so the whole picture, so as to avoid excessive current, power line fever is too large, LED light damage, affecting the life of the display. Do not disassemble, stitching Screen!


9, outdoor led display Control computers and other related equipment, should be placed in air-conditioning, dust in the room, to ensure that the computer ventilation and stability.

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