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Outdoor commercial LED display bring new business growth

With the rapid development of Internet technology, every industry makes transformation in order to adapt to the new technology development.

Outdoor LED display screen meet characteristics of high resolution, high refresh rate, high intensity, high contrast, white balance, large angle, uniformity, high quality energy saving, etc. Outdoor advertising and outdoor LED display are integrated with the Internet is pursued by all the media companies, for now is the era of Mobile-Internet, LED screen is not only spread to the audience, there has been some advertisers want the audience to experience their own products by LED advertising screen, doing two-way interaction, if this function can be achieved after a period of time? This is a direction that media company may pursue in the future, provide more sophisticated services, let audience feel more powerful propaganda effect.

If outdoor media can provide some data services in the future? outdoor advertising displays are mostly in central business district or crowded places in one city, so it can take advantages of geography to collect some data, such as the flow of people and vehicles, which is also a value-added function.

All in all, in the outdoor media, LED screen with its own potential and characteristics play its usability vividly, also brought media company new business growth point, enrich advertising platform. With the progress of the technology in the future, perhaps led display will have more forms of expression in outdoor media, advertising forms will become more various, which is a good thing for not only the media company but also audience. Next, let we together look forward to the better performance of LED display wall in the outdoor media!

Publicerat klockan 07:04, den 17 februari 2016
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