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Fixed indoor LED display - Dual maintenance is the best choice

It is well known that the LED display maintenance cost is relatively high, and the technical requirements of maintenance is relatively high, complex installation and dismantling will consume a lot of manpower and time, which have no longer the advantage in the market competition.

YUCHIP LED display products utilizing magnetic components and LED display screen magnetic adsorption to be fixed together, front maintenance and take down module from the LED display cabinet, which is more simple and convenient compared with the existing technology to remove the screws from the module structure. Reduce damage to the module furthest, ensure the integrity of the module structure.

front maintenance LED display can save the space of back maintenance, achieve positive maintenance to screen body, also the display cabinet can be done thinly, which is very applicable for some special places LED display.

YUCIP Dual maintenance LED display series products realize the front maintenance in real sense, which is very convenient to replace the maintenance module, without removing the bottom shell.

Publicerat klockan 07:12, den 17 februari 2016
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