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YUCHIP Stage led display introduction

With the continuously improving of LED display technology, LED display is more and more used to the stage application, almost all the stages can not be separated from the LED screens. The LED display screen has been more and more widely used to high-grade entertainment disco, large-scale song and dance show, fashion conference, and other places, because of its characteristics of huge and abundant performance contents, active stage atmosphere, convenient dismounting, etc. 

YUCHIP Stage LED display wall features as below:

(1)Live broadcast, large and clear live pictures, breaking the limitation of the seats, more it easier to watch shows in far distance.

(2)The combination of lifelike pics and shocking musics, create a dreamlike stage background.

(3)High refresh rate and high intensity, make the screen pics more realistic;

(4)High quality aviation connector, make good continuity of connection, high frequency plug in and out resistance.

(5)Ultra high precision box: 65mm, die-casting aluminum box made by CNC techniques, and tolerance of dimension less than 0.2mm. Ensure seamless splicing between cabinets.

(6)Equipped with professional audio and video processor system, support various signals on the stage;

(7)Outdoor stage type with good waterproof effect, protection grade IP65, suitable for outdoor environment;

(8)According to customer requirements and the sites environment, customize the most appropriate LED display solutions;


(Can be used to the stage LED screen: IR6.0 IR3.0... OR OR6.0 8 etc


Stage LED display control system diagram:


Stage LED display equipment, video processor, flight case, frame, distribution box, LED ads editing system, intelligent monitor)


Stage background LED display rental applications:


Indoor and outdoor stage background, concert, large-scale activities, large-scale opera, theatre, hotel, auditorium, multi-function hall, lecture hall, conference room, high-grade entertainment venue, disco, disco, karaoke rooms, etc.

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