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The differences between indoor LED Screen and outdoor LED screens

LED display has been widely used in various industries, along with the development of market economy, the application of LED display billboard will continue to expand. LED display screen has a robust real-time dynamic data display and graphical display function, and LED display is destined to become the first choice of large screen information display applications due to its characteristics of long life, low power consumption, high brightness. SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO.,LTD manufacturers would explain you the differences between outdoor and indoor LED display.


1.The most important distinction between indoor and outdoor LED display is the difference of brightness, indoor screen brightness is several times even several ten times lower than the brightness of pure outdoor screen; the indoor screen placed outdoor is like the TV placed outdoor that brightness is not enough. Therefore, the outdoor screen must put to use ultra-high brightness LEDs, also in order to improve the brightness and increase the visual range, there need to package several brightness LEDs in one pixel.


2.Outdoor screen have functions of waterproof, anti sunlight, dust-proof, anti high temperature, wind, anti lightning, etc, and this kind of display is pure outdoor display; between indoor LED screen and pure outdoor LED screen is semi outdoor screen that installed in the eaves, open hall, outdoor canopy or beneath sunlight roof and such strong environment, utilizing the same ultra high brightness outdoor LEDs, but screen itself do not prevent (rain) water, wind, lightning.


3.In addition to the differences of brightness and protection levels between indoor and outdoor LED displays, the pixel pitch is not the same,indoor screen pixel pitch need to be close but outdoor screen pixel pitch has low requirements relatively; the frame structure is not the same, indoor screen is not waterproof, but outdoor screen is waterproof.


4.Outdoor LED display screen is mainly used in ultra high brightness and grand full-color large screen projects. outdoor LED display signs screen mainly adopts modular structure design and VLSI design technology, ultra grayg scale control technology that improve stability, reliability and play effect of the display system.


5.Indoor full color LED display, three and a table full-color screen spectrophotometric color is better, color saturation is high and the whole faces shining, so the color is uniform.


6.Three and a table is separated from the power supply, power consumption is low and fast heat dissipation, which extend the service life effectively ,and high reliability.


For the user of LED screens, how to distinguish the two models? SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO.,LTD manufacturers teach you several simple points that can distinguish between indoor and outdoor display led. observe the appearance, basically, the larger screen is outdoor model; intensive light point intensive, high brightness is the same.

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