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Rental LED display future direction

Rental led display products and the main screen color screen and type Categories trends?

Specifications standardization trend: the use of easy to install, easy to calculate the area (such as 500mm * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm) structure, is currently the rental market irreversible development trend is expected to construction of such product in 2013 to reach 70% market share.

Rental led increasingly high-definition display: Use LED main screen color screen and the main trend is towards the development of high-precision on the market today. Adjustable brightness requirements, unified control system requirements for use and controls are in place.

Enhanced versatility: a multi-screen, but when the main screen, color screen and floor tile screen using a development direction, namely, strengthening universal product features after the market for such products is the main development trend.

Quick installation, safety; to achieve rapid product of fast, accurate installation; assembly further includes a self-locking mechanism, eliminate misuse problems.

led video wall rental requires easy maintenance and removal replacement alone: ​​with power and signal work status self-test feature that displays the power and signal work in real-time status of each product, the product does not occur when the display screen, can quickly determine the problem, quickly make the appropriate maintenance measures;

led screen rentals light weight, thin box: single box 9 kg weight; (YUCHIP P4.8 die-box weight 7kg; P4.8 an air box can hold six cabinet) Maximum thickness is only 7cm, about occupation? small space, saving stage space.

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