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Transparent LED Display Being Aging Test 300sqm In YUCHIP

Transparent LED display, launched 5 years ago, squeezing in the LED display market but never recognized in the main market. One thing is because its technology and stability tested step by step, the other thing is its high cost not workable for giant screen.

Until 2017, transparent LED display market boomed.

In 2016 and 2017, few more Chinese companies launched transparent LED displayscreen. Its technology improved and cost dropped down, for instance Side LED mount changed to Front LED mount, not only Nation star, King Light LEDs being used more, and mass production lowered raw materials sourcing and manufactured cost.

Transparent LED wall, not limited to fixed installation commercial advertising LED display filed, it's creative for events rental use as well. Die casting aluminum cabinet, fast assemble and dismantling features made out in transparent glass display.

In 2018 and coming years, glass LED display will shine much much more. Not only indoor, waterproof LED display glass is in research and being tested.

YUCHIP, a leading China LED display solution provider, focusing and dedicated to provide you the suitable one!

Any interest and hunting for transparent LED screen? Email or Phone up now:    ;


Publicerat klockan 09:06, den 22 mars 2018
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